Light, powerful and fully scalable PaaS Linux framework for faster and easier cloud development on public or private IaaS Cloud Platforms.


SpineOS is a light but powerful and fully scalable PaaS Linux framework for faster and easier cloud development on public or private IaaS Cloud Platforms.

SpineOS is a tiny, but fully scalable, Linux system running into a virtual machine with all the services required to get a PaaS running on top of public or private Iaas Cloud Platforms.

SpineOS has a limited footprint. It runs on PC laptops.

So, with SpineOS you can write and test your application on your PC laptop. And, when it is ready, you can move SpineOS with your running application on a private or public IaaS Cloud Platform without any changes.


Why SpineOS

To get a powerful Linux platform with a very small footprint, secure and fully scalable.

A private PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) helps organizations to keep their data private and secure. However, most of PaaS providers want to offer an universal solution that supports any expected requirements. Their VMs become huge with a lot of embedded software applications increasing the risk of security breaches.

We chose the opposite direction. We decided to build a very basic, but fully expandable, PaaS framework with a minimal set of services. Our PaaS framework runs a Linux kernel, provides a shell, allows a remote access through SSH and is protected with a stateful firewall. It aspires to follow the recommandations of French IT Security Agency with regards to security.

We chose to build it from a Slackware distribution because it relies on a vanilla Linux kernel and it provides a minimalist but powerful installer without dependency management. It allows us a full control on what we install.

Thus, with SpineOS you can start developing your application on a PaaS running on your laptop then move it to a IaaS Cloud.

Get SpineOS

Get SpineOS up and running in just a few minutes.

You can get SpineOS up and running in just a few minutes by downloading this virtual machine and start it with VMware Player, Workstation or Fusion.

Download SpineOS

SHA-1: b853bb509633d6d221619516de9c8a1cd7fe2663

The admin login is rootwith passwordspineos. You MUST change it after the first login.

This virtual machine requires a 64-bit platform and is compatible with Workstation 8, ESX 5 or Fusion 4 and above.

Commercial Services

Call us for consulting, training, support and custom developments.

Artelsys provides a full range of commercial support and services for customers that need enterprise-grade capabilities, availability and support.

Our professional training services offer on-line and instructor-led training courses that cover learning deployement with SpineOS, use cases and best practice design and architecture.

Our professional consulting services are highly flexible to address specific issues such as on-site troubleshooting, design review, deployment planning, project delivery and other value-adding services tailored to suit your needs.

Our professional support services provide 24x7 access to support from the same engineers who build SpineOS. Customers can ask Artelsys's SpineOS experts an unlimited number of questions at any time. Support also includes emergency patches for SpineOS.

And whether you need to customize our existing SpineOS product or create something specific, Artelsys has the software creation talent you need.


As, SpineOS is built on top of open source proven technologies, it is available for free. You can build your own version with the detailed instructions provided here:

Build Community Edition


This tutorial explains how to install SpineOS or Slackware on a VPS SSD provided by OVH. As, these VPS are built on an OpenStack KVM infrastructure, you can easily adapt it to any IaaS using KVM hypervisers.

Install Slackware on an OVH VPS SSD

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